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We industrialise cell technology
Get from lab to production faster 

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Industrialising cell technology is hard
What we offer:

Celltris has an experienced team of cell engineers ready to go offering:

We can take you from specification sheet, through a cell design and onto a production line, with a full bespoke engineering programme

We offer a range of consultancy services to support you in your battery journey. Reach out with your problem and we wiil see how we can support you.

Cell design, including prototyping at our development centre in the UK. We can walk you through the industrialisation process of any cell technology.

We industrialise cell technology

Celltris can:

Increase energy density
Increase power density
Reduce cost
Simplify assembly
Get your technology to market

Our founders

Sam Alexander

Sam is a chemist with a Ph.D. in materials chemistry from University College London.

He has spent over a decade working on the industrialisation of Lithium-ion cell technology. He worked initially on cathode material development and scale-up at Johnson Matthey. After which he moved to Dyson and focussed on the industrialisation of solid-state cells. Prior to founding Celltris, he built and ran cell design and development programmes at Britishvolt.

Ian Hunt

Ian is a mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in battery thermal management from Imperial College London.

He has spent his career working on battery development, starting with cell research at Dyson to pack development at McMurtry automotive. Prior to founding Celltris, he was Head of Cell Design at Britishvolt responsible for all aspects of cell design, linking materials, cell chemistry, mechanical design and engineering.

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